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ASL Resources Training & Consultancy was founded on year 2004 and now registered as ASL Training & Consultancy Sdn Bhd working aggressively as Entrepreneurship Development Consultant until now.

The involvement of ASL in strengthening the development of entrepreneurship in Malaysia is proven with our effort since years of collaboration with the many of government agencies to produce and enhance entrepreneurial amount people. There are a lot of success stories that gives us satisfaction building the entrepreneurial nation.

We are carrying the latest concept and global approach to give added value as well as huge impact to the investment and commitment to the result. We are known as ProgramUsahawan.com that offers various entrepreneurship program that emphasize on Continuous Life Long Learning as our commitment to the result.

Our mission to create a batter life to people by caring out a result oriented entrepreneurship program with the latest market outlook in the business management, resources, skills, ICT and financial of the companies as well as personal.

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