The Early Childhood education is established in the year 2009 based on the social responsibility to meet and compliment the needs for early childhood education. As stated in our mission, ‘to make a better life’, we aim to cultivate a creative vibe in them and to produce a child that can read as early as 4 years old by using the latest early childhood education techniques/methods. Currently, we are expanding our branches in Central Malaysia, and aiming to grow more by setting the education as a part of societal priority.

We are taking full responsibility to fulfil the mission to provide the children a memorable learning environment through experience, fun and interactive activities.

All praise belongs to Allah SWT, alone, peace and blessings of Allah be on the last prophet, Muhammad Bin Abdullah and companions.

Parents, warm welcome to our Islamic kindergarten branches :

ASL Child Edu Sdn Bhd (1205624-X)

Khalifah Ibtisam Sdn Bhd (1199831-U)

We are very pleased and welcoming all parents to come and visit any of our nearest branches around you. Our dedicated principals will entertain and ensuring you with all the information needed for your child pleasant childhood education experience.

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